• Our Affordable Obsession of the Day: Colorful $48 Earrings Perfect for Any Holiday Party

    One year ago - By People

    Costume jewelry is a fail-safe buy come the holiday season - both if you're shopping for someone special, or just for yourself. The must-have choice this year: Colorful gemstones. Bold-hued chandelier, stud and other styles are a fun way to add some color and sparkle to any outfit, and stars such as Naomie Harris and Mandy Moore agree, as they've already adopted the look for red carpet appearances.
    So, which to buy? We have our eye on Stella + Ruby's Dynasty Statement Earrings , a dazzling drop featuring a rainbow of hues from green to aqua to pink to red to the Color of the Year 2018...
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  • How to Wear the Same Velvet Dress to All Your Holiday Parties

    How to Wear the Same Velvet Dress to All Your Holiday Parties

    One year ago - By Flare

    The holidays are hectic, that's a given. During all the hustle and bustle, there isn't always time to shop for brand-new outfits to wear to the holiday parties that have taken over your calendar. Thankfully, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you update your current wardrobe, making your old closet staples look fresh and festive. Just take a simple black dress and with these three hacks, you can wear it on repeat again and again.
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    Layer a fitted turtleneck or blouse in a contrasting colour underneath a sleeveless dress to...
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  • 30 Cool Outfit Ideas to Copy at This Year's Office Holiday Party

    One year ago - By Glamour

    We round up 30 stylish, appropriate, and polished outfits to wear to this season's office holiday party.
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