• Why On Earth Has Instagram Deleted Its GIF Feature?

    9 monthes ago - By Look

    And will we be getting it back? From the editors of Marie Claire UK
    Forced changes to our habitual Instagram activity never goes down well - note the public reaction to every Insta update as proof.
    There was the time Instagram controversially switched its logo, the algorithm change that affected who saw our posts and don't even get us started on the threat that our profiles were being changed to a 4×4 photo grid.
    While that trial was thankfully a false alarm, the new Instagram change definitely happened - this weekend - and the internet is not happy.
    We are of course talking about the...
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  • Kylie Jenner Has Been Forced To Change Her Latest Instagram Caption

    Kylie Jenner Has Been Forced To Change Her Latest Instagram Caption

    9 monthes ago - By Look

    By Anna Francis
    From the editors of CelebsNow
    Kylie Jenner has been forced to make a quick change on Instagram after fans called her out.
    The reality star revealed on Monday that she was off to collect her new Ferrari - worth around £1.2million - which she reportedly received as a ‘push present' following the birth of daughter Stormi last month .
    However, Kylie caused a stir when she uploaded a photo of the vehicle and wrote: ‘Picking up my main girl'. This sparked a backlash from many fans who argued that this caption would surely be more suited to Stormi.
    picking up my new bitch
    A post...
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