• American Apparel is coming back to UK, guys!

    One year ago - By Metro

    American Apparel is back - this time without the uncomfortable, hyper-sexualised imagery.
    The brand packed up shop in the UK in 2016, after going into administration and years of battling criticism over its near-pornographic treatment of female models.
    But it's now been relaunched online under the leadership of an all-female board.
    Its new campaign, created by UK agency Thinking Juice, is taking a different approach.
    The brand's new owner, Gildan Activewear, says that will American Apparel will still be sexy, the goal this time isn't to sexualise or exploit women but rather to treat models...
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  • American Apparel has relaunched in the UK

    American Apparel has relaunched in the UK

    One year ago - By Fashion United

    American Apparel has relaunched online this month for the UK market with a message of more “inclusivity and diversity” across its product range.
    Sabina Weber, director of marketing at American Apparel, said: “The UK is a loved and important market for American Apparel and customer demand made it easy for us to make the decision to enter back into the market.”
    The brand, which has faced controversy for its use of young women in its advertising that were deemed ‘inappropriately sexualised', will return online only with its basics range, as well as new additions designed to appeal to...
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