• Jenna Jameson Says She Was Pre-Diabetic and a ‘Sloth' Before Starting the Keto Diet

    3 monthes ago - By Celebrity Babies

    Jenna Jameson is thrilled that she has successfully lost over 80 lbs. on the keto diet , but she still cringes over some of her “before” photos .
    The former adult film star, 45, had to give herself a little pep talk before sharing one of her pre-weight loss photos, but she decided it was important to show.
    “UUUGH. I didn't want to post this before picture. But once I mulled it over in my mind, I realized how important normalizing women's true bodies is,” she wrote on Instagram. “This is normal. This is beautiful.”
    Jameson said that her weight loss journey - which started in March 2018...
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