• Why did Burberry destroy 28 million pounds of its goods?

    9 monthes ago - By Fashion United

    On the topic of sustainability we are used to hearing brands over-producing collections for their retail networks and being left with excess stock.
    Back in March the New York Times broke the story that H&M was sitting on a 4.3 billion dollar mountain of unsold inventory. Enough items to dress an entire nation.
    But stories of luxury companies deliberately destroying their clothes in order to manage inventory issues instead of discounting, adds another dimension to the sustainability crisis that has come to define today's era of fast fashion, exclusivity and profitability.
    According to...
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  • New York Times Expanding Syndication, Licensing Efforts

    New York Times Expanding Syndication, Licensing Efforts

    9 monthes ago - By WWD

    The New York Times is going all-in on licensing.
    With re-branding and grouping of its syndication and licensing arms into The New York Times Licensing Group, the paper is aiming to expand both of those areas with more of its work showing up in aggregation and on radio and podcasts, starting with a licensing deal on Medium and an upcoming TV show based on the Times' long-running Modern Love column.
    There also seems to be an eye toward more work within the magazine format. The Times said in a statement that the licensing expansion will include titles, in addition to its style supplement...
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